2017 Crop Year Report

The The Ontario Corn Committee is made up of representatives of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, the University of Guelph, the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, the Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Seed Corn Growers of Ontario and the Canadian Seed Trade Association. Tests are conducted each year by the following cooperating agencies: Ridgetown Campus, University of Guelph, Ridgetown; Plant Agriculture Department, University of Guelph; Kemptville Campus, University of Guelph, Kemptville; and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Ottawa.

This report may be reproduced in its entirety provided that due credit is given to the Ontario Corn Committee and provided that the content of the report is not altered.. Tables may be reproduced provided that the entire table, with accompanying notes, is included. For further information, contact the Secretary, Ontario Corn Committee, 109 Maple Ridge Road, R. R. # 2, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5N4

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2017 Hybrid Corn Performance Trials

Because the OCC trials were more variable than usual this year, it is important to note the LSD printed at the bottom of each trial. The LSD shows how much two hybrids must differ to be considered different. For example, if the LSD of a trial is 10, hybrids with yield indexes of 110 and 99 are different while hybrids with indexes of 110 and 101 are not.

Locations Spreadsheet PDF Graph
Area 1: Orangeville, Dundalk
Area 2: Elora, Lindsay, Wingham Spreedsheet PDF PDF
Area 3: Ottawa, Winchester, Waterloo, Blyth Spreedsheet PDF PDF
Area 4: Exeter, Ilderton, Woodstock, Belmont
(Revised 2017-12-07)
Spreedsheet PDF PDF
Area 5: Ridgetown, Tilbury, Dresden Spreedsheet PDF PDF

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