Interactive Tools


Crop Residue Value
This tool allows you to estimate the value of your crop residue. It includes an estimate for the cost of replacing the N,P and K that leaves the field in the residue. The costs for baling, trucking and storing the straw or stover can also be entered.
N-Rate Evaluator
This tool uses the Delta Yield concept to estimate what the correct nitrogen rate is for a field or a strip or spot in the field. To use this tool you must have a low N rate (less than 30 lbs/acre) or a high N rate (more than 150 lbs N/acre) and the yields that were acquired from these rates.
Ontario Corn Nitrogen Calculator
This tool gives you a recommendation for the most economical N rate for a corn field. It is based on more than 40 years of Ontario research. Inputs allow you to describe the field (i.e. soil texture) and the cost scenario (i.e. anticipated cost of N and price of corn.)
Manure Nutrient Calculator
This tool allows you to estimate the N, P and K credit associated with a manure application. It allows you to input an actual manure analysis or rely on estimates. Results give you the same value as OMAFRA NMAN software.
Ontario Corn Committee Hybrid Selector
This tool allows you to search the OCC database to make head-to-head hybrid comparisons between hybrids over a number of years.
Replant Decision Aid 1.8
This tool allows growers to input original planting date, potential replant date, seed costs, replanting costs and crop insurance factors to determine if it is profitable to replant a field with a poor initial stand.